Loving all of me

I’ve come to the conclusion that the most challenging aspect of being an entrepreneur is managing my internal freak-outs. Last… Continue reading »


Getting crazy?

I have been reflecting on the tension I am experiencing between the need to have everything figured out before I… Continue reading »



Valentine’s day has always been my least favorite holiday. That I have not yet had the experience of a happy,… Continue reading »


Growing slowly

There’s something I wish I could just wave a magic wand and change right now. And that is: the length… Continue reading »

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18 business principles I learned from being a single parent

This month marks a double milestone for me. My daughter turns 18 years old and my new business reaches the… Continue reading »


The truth about (my) confusion

I was at an event earlier this week. It was a great event with a great host and a great… Continue reading »


You’re gonna hear me roar

Ever have one of those moments of clarity where you realize something about the way you are and it’s a… Continue reading »

Smiley Flower Happy!

Perfect…just as I am

I’ve always had high standards (for EVERYTHING) and as time passes I’m realizing what an impossibly high standard I have… Continue reading »

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Relaxation…indulgance or necessity?

Once upon a time, I was of the opinion that rest and relaxation was for sissies, for the weak, for… Continue reading »


Diving in…

I’ve been called a control freak—a term I’m not very fond of. I like to think of myself more as… Continue reading »