Monthly Archives: January 2013


What do I need?

I used to be an expert at putting my needs on the back burner. In fact, I left my needs… Continue reading »


That I would be good…

Today is one of those days that I’m not feeling that good about myself. It’s a combination of things really…. Continue reading »


I’m alive!

The last nine months have been a whole new experience for me. I relocated back to the US after seven… Continue reading »

it's calling you

It started out as a feeling…

There are some feelings or emotions that I am comfortable being in. Feelings like happiness, joy, love, peace. I’ve tended… Continue reading »


Through the eyes of a child

Last week, I attended a Latin dance class at my local gym. Since I love music so, dancing and moving… Continue reading »


Life as it is…or life as it should be?

A very significant musical memory I have was when I was five years old, sitting on the arm of a… Continue reading »