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Why music?

Music has always been very close to my heart. My first significant memory in life involved music. Being pushed in a stroller down a street, watching tall people moving past me, and hearing singing behind me. I spent the first years of life in Europe, as my hippie parents traveled around with a message of peace and love, often expressed through music.

My family moved a lot. By the time I was 16 I’d lived in 9 different countries on 3 different continents. Regardless of the changing landscape around me, music remained a constant in my life.

The simplest way I can explain my connection to music is that music comes to me.  Music provides the soundtrack for my life. Whether I’m happy or sad or my circumstances are challenging or exhilarating, a song will usually accompany me.

Music comes to me whenever I need it most. I could be walking through the supermarket or driving when a song comes on the radio that is precisely the song I need to hear right then. Sometimes I wake up in the morning with a song on my mind. Sometimes a song will come to me in meditation or prayer.

People ask me what kind of music I like, and it’s impossible for me to answer. Much in the same way I cannot choose when people ask me which of the countries I lived in did I like the most. There is no specific genre of music that I prefer above others. I like music that moves me, music that creates an emotional response in me, music that has a way of reaching into my soul and connecting me somehow.

Music has always generated connection in my life.

Music connects me to myself and my experiences. It has a way of assisting me in living in the moment. As someone who too easily focuses on the past or the future, this is valuable. When I move my body to music, it supports me in connecting to my body, and getting out of my head—something I frequently need.

Music connects me to something bigger than myself. I have had experiences with music that I can only describe as sacred. I believe that something so beautiful which has the ability to inspire and motivate and connect, and all the other wonderful things that music does, can only come from a source of power/energy/light/love (whatever you want to call it) that is greater than us.

Music also connects me to other people as I express my journey through music. As a woman, and a mother, I am stepping into a new phase of my life–starting my own business, blazing my own trail in this world, and learning so much in the process. Music continues to remain a constant in my life and I am choosing to share with you in this blog some of the music that inspires me on my journey.

My musical history:

I got a guitar for my seventh birthday, and started to learn how to play. Since my family had no resources for extras like music classes, it was up to me to learn what I wanted to know. I would seek out musicians in the communities we lived in and either befriend them or pester them until they taught me something. In this way, I cobbled together enough information and training to learn how to play guitar.

I have always had an ear for music and remember being able to sing on key from an early age. With no formal training of any sort, I managed to learn to play the guitar, play piano and sing harmonies. As a teenager I dabbled in playing the accordion, the flute and the banjo. Far from being an expert, I simply enjoy music. Playing piano (as imperfectly as I play it) brings me much joy and relaxes me.

I participated in and as an adult produced countless children’s Christmas pageants, and other musical renditions. One of my favorite things to do is gather a group of singing friends and create beautiful vocal arrangements.

My life today:

My teenage daughter and I moved to San Diego in July, 2012. I am enjoying getting to know the area and the people.  I enjoy listening to good music (especially live). I enjoy eating good food (a bit of a challenge these days with my dairy and gluten allergies). I enjoy good reads (nothing beats curling up on the couch or under the covers with a good book). I love long, meaningful conversations with friends (old and new). And above all, I enjoy a good experience (that could be a hike, a trip, a walk on the beach, a movie, a pedicure, massage—anything that produces an enjoyable experience and I’m up for it).

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  2. Cathy Gehr March 15, 2014 at 12:54 am Reply

    Hi! Haven’t seen you since the end of 1996! You’re lookin’ good! And look likes you’re doin’ good too! It’s great that you’re getting out the message on how to deal with resistance. Others’ resistance is futile if we who desire positivity continue to sprinkle its miraculous seeds wherever we go, in whatever we do and on whomever we’re with! Would love to receive a personal note from you sometimes. Lots of love to your darling daughter! Health, happiness and hugs forever, Cathy Gehr 😀 (Author of “Look and Feel 10 Years Younger in the Next 10 Days” (celebratingwellbeing.com) (on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/celebratingwellbeing.com)

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